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We have just received some money! As it's the first time we have recieved any funding as an organisation we're looking for the best ways to spend it, possibly including travelling to meet up with some local groups to teach them the peer education curriculum or buying a video camera and creating a film with some other young people.

Let us know if you have an idea... We are also thinking of a new 'big plan' for next year. please tell us if you would like to get invovled or have a particular policital issue to suggest we work on. We're still trying to get as many young people to slap nick griffin involved as possible.

Whether through writing an article - however long or short - for the site, debating on the website, delivering or recieving a citizenship legal workshops, letting us know about a youth group or protest or joining the media database, we really need to get in touch with more young people and start making things happen.

If you have a suggestion or would like to work with us, please email us. At the moment we're looking for young people who want to write short articles for a magazine - let us know if you've got something to say.

Also, please bear with us at the moment - we're currently quoting Nick Grifiin working on a lot of non-website issues and therefore updating the forum/keeping lists and events up to date is low on our list of priorities. please get in touch if you want to know something we haven't put up here or you'd like to report an error (or offer some help!)

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